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Seuss & Partners offer tailor-made solutions to protect its clients' assets from the arbitrary reach of creditors or claimants. Starting from the simple founding of a domestic company, i.e. Limited Liability Company or establishing sophisticated offshore trust structures with foundations as beneficiaries, S&P also assists in the drafting and negotiation of intra-family agreements, i.e. succession and pre-nuptial agreements.

S&P works with highly qualified lawyers, tax advisors and financial advisors who are involved on a daily basis with the majority of asset protection jurisdictions for corporations, foundations, trusts and partnerships.

An important choice for clients to make is that of selecting the right bank to be custodian for their assets. At first glance they may all look alike as there is often a lack of neutral information to make the right choice easy. The most important issue however is trust, because without confidence that ones funds are secure and investment decisions perform well, there can not be an ongoing, comfortable relationship between the client and the bank.   

S&P provides independent and transparent advice in identifying the right bank for each client based upon the specifics needs presented by the client.



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