Global Taxation and Asset Management

The Seuss & Partners network is an international team of highly qualified experts in global taxation and asset management. Choosing the S&P network guarantees its international clients state-of-the art support and advice around the world seven days a week.

The S&P network is:

  • focused on asset management, legal and tax advice;
    including asset protection, fund and wealth management, real estate development and immigration law
  • independent;
    freely cooperates with leading experts of other firms, banks and trust companies; no "cross-selling"
  • client-oriented and result-driven;
    and respectful of its client relationships, always focused on what's best for the client
  • International.
    communicating in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese

The S&P consulting network is supported by the Law Firms of Ralf Klose, Marcelle B. Porier and Mitchell S. Polansky. The independent partners of the S&P network communicate on a daily basis, always focusing on what's best for the client.

S&P is closely associated with a select group of law firms and accounting firms on an international level assuring its clients of access to legal opinions, support and facilities in almost every jurisdiction in the world.



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